Sunday, December 03, 2017


1)   FLASH Those pearly whites:
Smiling will make you happy even when you are not  - it dispels gloom!
It will make you seem warm and approachable; put others at ease.
Smiling makes you feel better instantly, heck even reading the word lifts your spirits!

2)   MAINTAIN perfect eyebrows:
Girls, nothing screams fashion disaster more than overgrown bushy and out-of shape eyebrows.
For times when you cant get to the salon, invest in a pair of tweezers or small scissors; and you will have yourself to thank!

PRE-PARTY QUICK TIP: To highlight your shapely brows, rub on colorless lip balm following the shape of your brow, and behold the magic!

Keep those split ends at bay, get regular hair cuts and trim your hair – after all, your hair IS your crown.

Either too tight or too baggy /loose clothing will make you feel equally uncomfortable and ill-at ease.
Make sure you are most comfortable in what you wear to a social gathering – this not only boosts your confidence, but also makes you more approachable.

And no, that doesn’t mean you have to invest in a new wardrobe everytime you get invited!

Makes people feel important and happy. As they say, eyes are the mirrors to the soul, so maintaining eye contact will help you understand even the tiniest of emotions in a person.

Walk into a room full of people confidently, with your head held high and your body relaxed.

Bad breath? Foul body odour? Heck NO! Keep a box of mints and a roll-on deodorant always handy.

Making people ROUND YOU laugh wins you brownie points like nothing else. Crack jokes as often as you can (however, lay off on too many lame ones!) Laughter for the right reasons is very attractive!

10)          BRIGHT COLOURS
Wear something bright in your ensemble – could be anything form a neon accessory to bright clothing to bright colored shoes/bag. This will surely make heads turn; this is the best way to ensure at least a glance from every direction.

The 'Closet Rainbow' - Color Strategy for dressing up

The ‘√áLOSET Rainbow’
 Color Strategy For Dressing Up

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Light is made of seven colors, and bending it separates the seven colors – what we know as rainbow with the colors of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
I have categorized colors into seven types not on their visual effect but on the basis of the effect caused when you wear them.
Read on to know more about YOUR VERY OWN CLOSET RAINBOW!

1) Warm colours
These are hues from red through yellow including copper and mocha. They have a higher saturation – hence the term ‘warm’. Warm colors are active and advance towards vision, stimulate the viewer.

2) Cool colours  
These are the hues from violet through blue-green, including their pastels. Cool colors tend to recede from vision; they calm and relax the viewer.

Warm and cool colors alike are part of almost every wardrobe.

3) Neutrals – The Wardrobe Minions
Thinking of neutrals, you would say black or white or perhaps grey. I classify neutrals more broadly as: beige, blush, off white, cocoa etc. I call them the ‘wardrobe minions’, because they are usually worn again and again without being remembered, and can be paired with almost anything. They form the basis of your wardrobe, by being backdrops for your best colors.
Dressing head-to-toe in neutrals will give you a sophisticated, elegant look. Break the monotony by using:
·      Contrasts in darker hues
·      Prints or shine/shimmer/glitz.  

4) Understated Colors
Also called the ‘deep neutrals’: dark grey, tan, burgundy, navy, teal, lavender, silver, gold etc. I say, when in doubt about what to wear, always select a color from this category! These colors are attractive enough, but donot stand out like the reds and dramatics!

5) The monochrome colours - Black & White
Black is amongst the favourites of almost every woman! Needless to say, black exudes power and authority, is usually the color associated with formality.
White exudes purity and sophistication; makes you get noticed (regardless of your skin color). It is a wardrobe ‘must-have’ especially if you have glossy black hair.
A word of caution: Overly bright white makes your teeth appear yellowed and the effect will be ‘oh-so-unflattering’! Opt for pearl, cream or softly greyed whites.

6) Red
Anyone can wear red – it enhances sexuality (whether feminine/masculine) and intensifies the reaction of other people towards you.
Caution: Choose the specific shade of red depending on the color of your skin. 

7) Dramatic Colors
Fuschia pink, royal blue, bright yellow etc. - these can be worn as an outfit, or to add a pop of color to neutral outfits. A word of caution: Dramatic outfits draw all eyes towards you, so make sure you are perfectly groomed: See my post on ‘10 steps to a prettier you’.

The best judge of what color brings out the best in you, is YOU! So step out today, and don’t forget to express your ‘COLOR MOOD’! BE ADVENTUROUS!